Orientation Game „City Labyrinth“

2 hours
€ / pers.
4 - 30

The orientational Game “City Labyrinth”.Have you ever wanted to unite a group of people and pleasantly spend time together? Well, this is a great opportunity to try out a new type of orientation game which is popular all around the world. During this game you will solve various riddles and tasks using modern technologies and sometimes you will search the Internet for hints or answers. After you solve the task correctly, you will be given a hint where to search for another one. Quests will require from you and your team not only intelligence and creativity, but also quickness and ability to observe environment and take right decisions. During the quests solving you will travel all across Riga and collect checkpoints at the same time competing with other teams, winners are those who will collect their checkpoints first. So gather your friends or colleagues together and let’s go!

Meeting place:

Meeting place : At the Occupation museum.

You should have phone with internet access.
You can order this entertainment only for the individual group. Here

Reservation deposit of 30 % from the total amount is required. Dates reservation deposit is required. 50% of the security shall be released if the entertainment cancel at least 96 hours before the start. Cancellation of entertainment later – deposit is not refundable.


Book entertainment for your own group. Time selected.
Price from 150 € (up to 10 pers.)
You can choose a language: EN, RU, LT, LV, DE.

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Gāja labi, patika, ļoti viegli objektus atrast, līdz ar to der arī ārzemniekiem un bērniem. Precizi norādīti punkti kartē. No visiem apmeklētajiem nevareējām atrast vienu - pie Rīgas domes. Ceru, ka tas aizvien tur ir un nav piem. aizkrāsots:) un arī citi nevar atrast.